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The Feminine Woman's Hobbies

Young Woman Knitting, Berthe Morisot.
 Happy New Year, dear reader!

As we strive to form ourselves into elegant and feminine women -- women of high-value and the finest feather -- it's oftentimes too easy to lose ourselves and our "me time" in the process. 

For those of us who are continuing with a perusal of the materials on this site for the purpose of becoming an elegant woman, we sometimes lose ourselves in all of the things we have to remember about table manners and posture.

For those of us who are going through the material on this site for the purpose of attracting a masculine man or maintaining such an attraction, we sometimes lose ourselves in becoming the perfect feminine wife and learning how to thrill him and seduce him.

It's important that we have a few hobbies that are are passionate about, sweetheart. This is because feminine and elegant high-value women need to have their own lives, their own interests, and their own passions separate from the home or their romantic partners.

This is how we remain independent and happy (if your happiness is dependent on someone else then our happiness can just walk off) and this is also how we remain interesting and *fascinating*.

Here are a few hobbies of the feminine woman...


This is a very popular hobby among feminine women of the more traditional sort -- and it's very feminine to spend time making warm and cozy gifts for others. :-)

My Slytherin scarf. ;-)
Cooking or Baking;

I am a huge proponent of baking and cooking for femininity. Being able to set pots bubbling on the stove and send aromas wafting through the home brings a feminine and nurturing warmth to the house -- it's no surprise, then, that this is a very feminine hobby, darling! 

This is also a very versatile hobby, one that can be taken up by a great variety of feminine women. One can do almost anything with this feminine hobby, whether it be learning to be a fabulous baker who can whip out a great assortment of treats from French artisan pastries to panettone to cupcakes, to someone who enjoys making gourmet candies like chocolates and sea salt caramels, to someone who can cook up a storm in the ethnic cuisine department, to a woman who knows the perfect coq au vin or meatloaf to bring the family together on a cold winter day.

One of my go-to dishes is coq au vin -- it's rustic elegance which means it's elegant enough
to make any night feel like a special occasion yet simple enough to be comfort food.


Dancing is a very feminine hobby because it's one of the best ways to bring out one's femininity. My good friend Vanessa talks about it in her book The Five Feminine Power Virtues. There are many different kinds of dance classes that you can take, whether it be ballet or an ethnic dance like belly-dancing or Indian.

You don't even need to take a lesson -- you can just dance around your room or go out dancing with friends!

Playing an Instrument;

Classical instruments often have very feminine sounds (with feminine pieces to match!) and it's no wonder that many a Jane Austen heroine was talented at the piano or harp. :-)


I think it's important to be smart, or at least knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. Reading allows us to be intelligent and knowledgeable and is a hobby of substance for the feminine woman.


Writing about feminine and elegant subjects is a very feminine hobby indeed -- what can be more feminine than utilizing one's mind to pursue femininity and then sharing one's experiences, either through fiction or creative non-fiction? :-) 

Feminine women collaborate and help one another out, so in that way, helping others to be feminine is a very feminine thing to do!

You can pursue writing in many forms. You can write expressive and emotionally-moving poetry about a variety of subjects, you can write fiction (especially "deep" literary fiction that utilizes the emotions and concentrates more on character development than plot development, or society novels and love stories like Jane Austen), or you can even write a blog about femininity. ;-)

Language Learning;

Language learning is a very elegant and feminine hobby. 


Painting or any other sort of visual art is a lovely hobby for a feminine woman and hanging her work around the home gives the place a very warm and feminine touch.

Starting an Herb or Vegetable Garden;

If you're pursuing a feminine cooking hobby, starting an herb or vegetable garden would be a good accompaniment. Having a healthy herb or vegetable garden requires the nurture and patience of a feminine woman, darling! ;-)

Flower Arranging;

I think that every feminine woman loves flowers -- and what more feminine hobby than arranging the flowers into something even more pleasing?

Making Soaps;

Making soaps is another very feminine hobby and it's also very enjoyable. One can purchase molds from an arts and crafts store like Michael's or even use the bottoms of used yogurt tins! :-) And then one can combine a variety of essential oils to make their very own scent.

Charity Work;

Finally, I think that one of the most feminine hobbies that a woman can take up is charity work. Feminine women are very nurturing, caring, and empathetic creatures, sweetheart, and in that way, what's more feminine than making a hobby out of helping others who are less fortunate and bringing love into their lives?

That's all for my article "The Feminine Woman's Hobbies." I hope you liked it! :-))

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