Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feminine Lingerie Is Your Little Secret

As a woman who's taken dramatic steps in the last two years towards better embracing her femininity, I can honestly say without hesitating that I love feminine and pretty lingerie more than the next girl.

There are many different styles of lingerie on the market and as someone who wants feminine, alluring, and tasteful lingerie (not "raunchy" or "kinky"), it can sometimes become hard to navigate all of the racks in lingerie stores. I have narrowed the selections down to a few of my favorite brands and I stick with the styles and cuts that I know flatter me.

What I love about lingerie is that it helps me to embrace my femininity and my confidence. I just feel so much more feminine when I'm wearing something lacy and I feel so much more confident in return. I go throughout my day acting in a way that's 10 times more sensual and graceful than if I weren't wearing pretty lingerie.

However, that being said, I do not think that lingerie is meant to be shown off, regardless of how feminine and alluring your new set of dainty English lace may be. Beautiful lingerie is meant to be your little secret, the little secret that's making you move with more sensuality and allure throughout the day, the little secret that gives you more magic. And, my beauties, a great magician never reveals her secret!

 Your alluring and feminine lingerie is for your eyes and for your gentleman's eyes only. An elegant and feminine high-quality lady's body is a temple, a piece of treasure, and a work of art. That's why she takes care of it so well, exercising, eating right, and moisturizing it (would you treat a piece of treasure like a piece of trash?). But treasures can't be in the hands of just anyone.

When you show off your body (and your lingerie) to anyone and everyone, it cheapens it. Your body, beautifully adorned by its lingerie, won't be as valuable or as much of a treasure anymore.

However, most people think of the concept of "showing off lingerie" as literally showing your lingerie, everything from the texture to the color of the fabric. Many of you are most likely thinking that I'm referring to an unsightly thong peeking out of the top of low-rise jeans, the back of a bra showing over a low-backed top or dress, or bra straps showing when a woman has forgotten that she must wear a strapless bra with sleeveless dresses.

Those are all very obvious, but what I'm speaking about is also the more subtle ways of showing off your lingerie, specifically the outline of lingerie showing through opaque clothing.

My darlings, it's very important that we choose lingerie that doesn't leave any sort of lines or outlines peeking through our clothing articles. What this means is that we choose the right sort of panties for our bottom articles of clothing and that we choose the right type of bra for our tops (and, of course, for dresses it's important to choose the right underthings for all parts).

There are many different types of panties on the market. The first thing to take into consideration when you are choosing what panties to wear in the morning are the color. If you are wearing a lighter bottom, then you need to steer clear of panties that are of a brighter or darker color (including light-colored panties with a dark and/or bright pattern, such as polka dots). There aren't many things more vulgar than being able to see through your bottoms to your panties.

You also have to pay attention to the texture of your panties. Stay far away from the dreaded panty-lines! They not only hint at how you don't dress with care in the morning, but they also are not very flattering, as they outline the entire size of your derriere. To avoid panty-lines, search for boyshorts, thongs (although I'm personally not a fan of thongs because I prefer alluring and feminine lingerie that leaves something to the imagination), seamless panties, or seamless shape wear.

For your bra, the rules are mostly the same idea. Underneath a white shirt, the only color that's appropriate is a beige bra. Don't be one of those women who wear a black bra underneath a white linen top. Any sort of darker colored bra or bright colored bra, use conservatively. You shouldn't be seeing the bra through your shirt. This also holds true for the texture of the bra. Make sure that it lies smooth. Lace bras are wonderful but you have to wear them with the right top or dress. If you're worried about bra bulge, you can search out the best back smoothing bra and cami for you.

With bras, it's also important to take the straps into consideration. They make strapless and halter straps for a reason so please make use of them so that your bra straps do not show. When you're wearing a backless dress, the most appropriate thing to do is to not use a bra and use those little cups that you can purchase. Those do not necessary give support but they do stop your nipples from poking through, which is crucial.


Anonymous said...

Your site hash helped me so much and truly changed my life. I check it every single day for updates -- please never stop writing. It's truly a gem among femininity sites.

JazzFest said...

This was a great article. You have a lot of practical and valuable advice on your blog :)

There is the perception that shapewear is only for people who are overweight however this article and one on another blog have led me to think differently. Shapewear can be used by women of any size to conceal their undergarments and achieve a seamless look!

Women who have medium brown to dark brown skin might have better luck with black as their basic colour. I write this because I have had more success with black bras (when I had a beige bra I couldn't wear it under white/light colour tops because the contrast against my skin made it show up).