Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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Angelica said...

Nina I hope you don't stop posting things we can read for free. I am a full time student with no regular income, I'd love to be able to continue to read your articles :)

Nina Pundarik-Dossin said...

Dear Angelica,

I'll never stop posting for free and I'll never stop writing my free newsletters! :)

Please understand, though, that I too have no regular income and am trying to pay rent and make ends meet and that's why, after setting the prices of my products 50-90% lower than competitors that offer similar products, I'm hoping that my readers will be willing to pay $4 here and there if they have money from somewhere.

Free material will never stop, after all it's great to think I'm helping someone, but I'm hoping that some readers who like my work might be willing to pay small amounts of money. :)