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First Steps to Femininity E-Course

As modern, strong, and independent 21st century women, many of us can often feel tugged and pulled in different directions when it comes to who we are, who we're supposed to be, and who we want to be.

We're told that we are supposed to be the strong, hard, and independent woman who can slay her own dragons and kill her own snakes, so we stick with the status-quo and do what we're told is right and want what we're supposed to want.

The 21st century has given us our right to work and our right to be masculine if we so choose, thank goodness. But many of us are forgetting that a true right to choose means that we have a right to be feminine as well if we want to be.

We have a right to embrace our femininity, unleash our feminine potential, take charge of our lives, and pursue true happiness, true fulfillment, and true love.

We can be thankful that society has finally given us our right to choose, but we must never forget that a choice should be made wisely and that our rights to choose means that we can choose from more than one option. 

It's time that you stand up and ask yourself, "Who do you want to be?" Do you want to be happy and fulfilled? Do you want to find yourself doing better professionally without having to act like a man? Do you want to feel calm, collected, comfortable, and confident? Do you want to feel like you are in your natural essence?

If you are looking at this e-course, chances are you're currently at a crossroads. Either the time has come for you to choose now who you want to be and how you want your life to pan out, or you already made the choice and wish that you had a way to go back and choose the other option. 

I was once at the same crossroads, the same fork on the road, as you. I was faced with deciding between being the feminine woman I was raised to be, the alluring and joie de vivre French woman of my mother, the gentle and soft-spoken Thai women of my father's side, the charming and hospitable Southern belles of my homeland Virginia, or the tough, masculine, hard, and butch woman that society and the media was telling me to be. 

I chose to be the tough, masculine, and hard woman because that was what modern 21st century women in society told me to be and what the modern "pro-woman" media was telling me to be.

One of the decisions that I will always regret in my life was when I made the decision to blindly follow the crowd, stick with the status-quo, and reject my femininity to be a tough, masculine, and hard woman.

I thought that that was the right decision. I thought that that was the "chosen path," the path that we were supposed to choose, the path that "strong" women went down. I thought that that was the path towards true happiness.

I was so wrong and I'm thankful that I get the opportunity on this site to make sure that you're never as wrong, making the same deadly mistakes as I did.

I thought that that was the right decision and that that was the path to true happiness and true success. 

Let me tell you what choosing masculinity and harshness did for me and for my life:

I initially chose masculinity and harness because I was convinced that it would bring me success in life. I was told that I would do well academically/professionally, that men love strong women, and that I'd feel self-confident and happy. So of course, I chose masculinity and harshness - after all, that was the lie that was fed to me by the media and by the 21st century on a gold-plated spoon...

It was in Junior high (around the age of 13) when I decided to embrace masculinity. I became rough, hard, blunt, aggressive, abrasive, and argumentative. My grades were fine for the most part (although I had the ability to get irritated with the teacher and blame them for any poor test grades that I might receive - typical defensiveness often displayed by masculine women). However, let me list the things that didn't go so well with masculinity:

(1) At the time, I was working a part time job as a cook in a local pizzeria (many people don't know that this Russian Language and Literature major can work a brick oven! ;-)) and I had a lot of social problems while there. I really had trouble with my coworkers and with the manager. I wasn't acting up or anything. Despite being aggressive, blunt, hard, and masculine, I've always known my place and treated my elders with respect. However, the male coworkers and the male manager would always seem to target me for some reason (I know that reason now and it's the reason why many masculine women find it so gosh darn challenging to move up the career ladder and gain professional promotions - you'll learn about this in the course).

(2) At that same pizzeria, the people who I got along with and who wanted to come over and speak to me were only women like me: harsh, masculine, blunt women. Not only was I like them, but I was swimming in that energy with no means of escape. I wasn't happy being friends or getting along with only harsh and blunt women: as harsh and blunt as I was, the swearing and the negativity and the aggression just pulled me down emotionally (and I'm sure that that was the way I was making others feel!)

(3) I didn't care about my looks even though I was interested in boys and wanted to date because as the "strong" and hard masculine women, I assumed that any man worth his salt would be able to see through all of the pounds that I had gained and through me wearing no makeup and no feminine clothing. How wrong I was. Every man worth his salt passed me by because why would a high-quality man worth his salt settle? Of course, in typical masculine woman defensiveness, I just blamed them for not being truly smart or truly confident with themselves. But that's not the reality. The reality is that high-quality men who are smart and confident shouldn't settle and don't settle.

I was never asked out by any guy who I liked. Okay, I lied, I did get asked out from time to time as a joke (harsh, I know). But the guys I liked would go for truly feminine girls. Of course, in typical masculine woman defensiveness, I simply told myself that that they couldn't handle a "strong" woman like me. 

Of course they could. A feminine woman is just as strong, maybe even stronger, than a masculine woman. The strength of a masculine woman is like a hard thick stick. It takes a lot to break it because masculine women are often so stubborn. The strength of a feminine women is like a willow branch, wisely and strategically bending and adapting to the winds of a storm. If the wind roars hard enough, the hard thick stick will snap while the willow branch will be the true survivor, strategically adapting to the changing currents.

There is a difference, darlings, between being strong and being abrasive.

(4) I also just wasn't happy. Initially, I felt very confused because the 21st century "pro-women" movement had told me that I was supposed to be happy this way, as a "strong" masculine woman. But I was truly excruciatingly unhappy with myself. I wanted to feel pretty and it was hard to do that underneath all of the masculine colors and underneath all of the pounds that I had allowed myself to gain, but at the same time, I felt that I couldn't even admit that I wanted to feel pretty. I was also drowning underneath all of the negativity and all of the defensiveness. I wanted to feel pretty, I wanted to date great guys, and I wanted to feel positive and happy.

I started to research femininity. At first, I had a really closed mind to it because I was still conditioned to be against anything feminine. But eventually, I became more and more open to it and, after deadly amounts of research, I made the change to embrace my femininity and be a feminine woman.

And I am so thankful that I did because now my life has become one with so much more joy, so much more happiness, and so much more love. 

Here's what femininity and embracing my feminine self did for my life and what it will most likely do for your life as well

An Increased Self-Confidence - I now feel so much more beautiful, so much more comfortable in my skin, and so much more confident. Before, I didn't "care" about my appearance and let that show through my weight gain and my lack of makeup and hairstyle, but I know that I did care because if I truly didn't care, then it wouldn't have affected my self-confidence. Before, I couldn't even look people in the eye to speak to them (although I had no problem giving them an abrasive response to their question).

I made out like I was just so strong and so independent but I couldn't even look people in the eye

After embracing my femininity by working to achieve a feminine carriage and appearance, taking pride in myself in who I am, I achieved more confidence and poise than I had ever before thought possible.

I can look you in the eye now and smile as I do it! 

A Healthier Professional Life - Earlier on this page, I mentioned to you how bad my working environment was. I was not only constantly targeted by my male coworkers and male manager, but I was also constantly feeling under-appreciated for my hard work. 

After choosing to become a more feminine woman and embrace my femininity, my work environment became much healthier. I would still get the same amount of interaction from my male coworkers, but it was so much more positive. Before, I'd be harassed and targeted, but afterwards, they'd come and ask me for help, ask me for advice, come over and just start helping me with my work without me asking them, and would smile and greet me.

I also started to get paid more and was offered a promotion. I didn't take the promotion and instead chose to leave that job because I wanted a fresh start somewhere else, somewhere where I would have always been a feminine woman. However, you can imagine that after the way that things had gone, I was still very grateful for the offer.

My Romantic Life Improved - Another big thing that femininity did for my life was that my romantic life improved. My newfound femininity helped me to become more attractive to men: males would smile at me while walking down the street, I would get asked out regularly, I would get compliments from men regularly, and I would have the ability to enter into multiple happy relationships. After dating and entering and leaving a few different relationships, I was finally asked out by my dream guy, the love of my life, my hero and my best friend, who had known me since I was a masculine and harsh woman and who had asked me out after I had taken charge of my femininity.

We just got engaged and I couldn't be more tickled!

For any woman who'd like to get started in becoming a more feminine woman through a few simple steps, the First Steps to Femininity e-course is a good place to start. For the price of $16, you will receive the information on how to take the first steps needed to become a more feminine woman, in the format of a 5-part newsletter series.

Each issue will be sent 7 days after the previous one. Due to me handing all of the shipments manually, please allow 24 - 48 hours for Part I of your product to be emailed to you.

Please send me an email after your purchase so that I can be sure that your product gets sent to you and not to a different email address by mistake.

What past students are saying about "First Steps to Femininity"... 

"Fantastic! Each part was jam-packed with information and I can't believe I got that much info for only $16... I would sign up again in a heartbeat and I can't wait to recommend my friends so that they too can watch themselves feel more feminine as they take each part." -Lisa, 47, Michigan.

"I've been on a personal quest for a few months to acquire the best femininity information so that I could become the best version of a feminine woman I can be. I've purchased many materials but Nina's 'First Steps to Femininity' newsletter e-course was the best starter one I've ever tried, and at a price much cheaper than the others!"
-Emma, 26, Dublin, Ireland.

"I absolutely love the resources that Nina offers on her site, Her 'First Steps to Femininity' newsletter e-course has started me out on a great path towards becoming the feminine woman I crave to be. I feel that she has given me a great platform to build off of in my femininity studies." -Marianne, 21, Georgia.

"I can't rave enough about Nina and her products, especially the 'First Steps to Femininity' product that I just finished going through. People have pointed out that I seem so much more happy, self-confident, and radiant, and even my husband noticed (and he didn't know that I had taken the course) - he told me that I'm 'sparkling!'" - Tana, 33, London, England. 

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