Monday, October 24, 2011

20 Sweet Things To Do for Your Man

Greetings, Dove!

Is it just me or is life just so busy that we forget about people and concentrate more on things? 

I feel like these days, our minds are often occupied with things: work, school, doctor, dentist, errands, bills, etc. 

In our preoccupation with things I feel like we're starting to forget about people, darling. 

It's important to take time for the people in your life, sweetheart, instead of always concentrating on things. Your loved ones should *never* take a backseat to your dental appointment or to your work.

Today I was thinking to myself about other ways that women can show their men how much they care. Here is my list of 20 Sweet Things To Do for Your Man.

1. Bake for him.

2. Learn at least the basics of his family's native language, especially if members speak nothing else. (this is also a great way to impress his family *smile*).
I'm learning conversational German so I can speak with Andy's grandmother!
3. Purchase the book that he wanted to read and make it a surprise.

4. Give him a massage.

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5. Have a nice bubble bath waiting for him when he gets home (especially if you know he had a rough day).

6. Send him a text message just to say "I love you."

7. Just let him watch the game!

8. Not only let him have a night with the guys in your home, but also cook food for the night.

9. Go with him to his golf tournament or weekly tennis match to watch him and cheer him on -- make him feel like a man with a feminine woman behind him! :-)

10. Is he into tennis? Learn enough so that you can keep him company and hit with him when his partner's not available. Was he a lacrosse player at Amherst? Play catch with him so that he can hold onto a little piece of it since he can't get two teams together to play.

11. Don't interrupt him when he's speaking about things that are important to him, even when they are very boring or when you can't relate to them. As a matter of fact, why don't you even genuinely listen and care since those things are important to him? Embrace the things that he cares about, sweetheart!

12. Get close with his mom. Really, he wants to know that his mom and his feminine treasure get along and, in his biggest dreams, enjoy being in one another's company! 

Some of you may embark on this just to make him happy but really, don't you see the many benefits for yourself as well, sweetheart?

 You'll get to see adorable baby pictures of your man drooling and you'll also get to hear stories of the time when he rubbed raspberry jam all across the cabinets! You might also get a peek into her recipe box where she stores his childhood favorites, which leads me into the next one... ;-)

13. Cook his favorite meals (childhood meals will earn special brownie points)! :-)
Coq au Vin is my love's favorite dish.
14. Leave little notes around the house for him to find.

15. Spritz some of your signature perfume on his handkerchief.

16. Knit him a scarf in his university colors.

17. Take care of his loved ones in some way, whether it's supporting his little sister at her tennis match, attending his little brother's recital, baking cookies for a sibling's school event, picking up his father from the airport, or going to the doctor's office with his mother.

18. Let him sleep in if he wants to.

19. Surprise him with tickets to a classical concert or sports game he likes.

20. Make a donation to his undergraduate university or to his high school. 

These are just a few things that one can do to sweetly show a man that you care for him, dove! I hope you acquired some inspiration from this post. :-) Please "like" or share this if you did!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this, Nina! Your sweetie is a very, very lucky man. I am practicing being this wonderful kind of woman with my family(I'm only a teen right now),and blogs like yours are inspiring and refreshing! I sit and read them in elegant but casual dresses while sipping chai tea.;)
Thanks for the blog and keep the wonderful posts coming!

Anonymous said...

I also think donating to his favorite charity or one he might like is good.